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Guidelines for New Residents                               

All new residents are approved for a two week stay to begin with.  At the end of the first three weeks, there will be a meeting with house staff.  At this time there hopefully will be a mutual agreement whether to stay or to go.  This is based mostly on an individual’s willingness, demonstrated by how well they are following the policy, procedure, and guidelines.  It is possible that an extended two week period be mutually agreed upon.  If an extension is necessary, a group conscience with all residents will be taken to finalize residency.

All new residents will be under house restriction during this time!!!  This is to help become ingrained in the program and with the other residents.

Every resident needs to begin the following guidelines upon arrival in order to move into the full comprehensive program. Residents who complete five of the nine beginning guidelines will move to a semi-private room. No new residents will move to the next phase of the program for at least one to two weeks.


1) Find and secure a sponsor of their gender in the 12-step program of their choice.

2)  Individually meet with staff once a week for documentation of meetings, collection of rent $125 which includes food costs of $20, and to identify and discuss focussed area needs, and for a monthly progress report.

3)  Find a job either on their own or through an employment placement service and begin working.

4)  Attempt to acquire a driver’s license or driving privileges by doing whatever is necessary to meet this goal.

5)  Register for GED Classes, if not a High School Graduate, and attend a minimum of six hours per week.

6) Have or open a savings or checking account in a local bank.

7) Invite family members and/or friends to two Family Programs, which are held every month, and have a positive response from someone.

8) Have rent paid up to date, which is one week in advance, including deposit and admission fee.

9) Maintain a clean living area in their bedroom, wash their own dishes, and have chore done daily.

10) Sign out and back in on a daily basis anytime they leave or return to the house.

11) Undergo drug testing at least monthly.

12) Keep a curfew of 9:30pm weeknights and midnight on weekends unless approved in advance by a program director.

The above summary represents just an overview of the primary guidelines in the Guidelines binder book.  All residents are expected to familiarize themselves with the full guidelines in the binder book their first day in the program and be responsible to stay familiar with these guidelines by reviewing regularly.

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